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Up to 150,000 visitors a month inform themselves on about new media art education, research and lectures. Use this attention for your work: offers the Electronic Art community the opportunity to publish own projects, articles and videos in the ›  netzkollektor. ›  Enter

Mobile Learning

The german initiative »  Kids in Media and Motion developed concepts for "Mobile e-learning". Scholars learn how to organize and plan their lessons independently, which take place mainly outside the school. ›  More

Student media projects - Who has the best ideas?

With the ›  competition map of ›  digital sparks, you will find numerous innovative and clever concepts from students of new media art, media design, media informatics. The nearly 600 projects of the competitions from 2001 to 2008 are extensively documented on and can be researched alternatively on the ›  project list.

Theremins in the classroom

The Theremin is actually an electronic musical instrument. It offers many possibilities to learn about design principles in media art education and experience it in new media art works. ›  more

The Theremin, was actually an electronic musical instrument, offers many possibilities and points to important lessons in the art multimedia design principles to make work experience. Super Hit

Stop Motion Rap: Class 4b of the Steinwald Primary and Special School in Berlin created this song about Sorcerer's Apprentice by Goethe. ›  Video [Real Media | 3.53 Min.]
›  Result of a learning unit about Goethe's ballad Video 2005

The video presents the different sections of and provides an exemplary overview of the platform's content. ›  [Real Media | 3:33 Min.]

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