Physical network
Mina Hagedorn
4 projects [1998-2000]

Public Narcissism
Nicolas Anatol Baginsky

Hypermedia Novel (HYMN)
Wolfgang Heiden, Christian Frühling, Harald Deuer
A New Storytelling Paradigm [2001]

What Do We Get out of What We Put into the 'Blueberry iBox'?
Nancy Nisbet
Tracking Virtual Identity [2001]

Fumio Matsumoto, Akira Wakita
(City Tomography) [2001]

Drawing Spaces
Jasminko Novak, Mette Ramsgard Thomsen
Experiments in Presence and Awareness of Body and Space in Mixed Realities [1998-2000]

ExpeditionBerlin Die Strasse als Datenbank
Philip Horst
Reisen in den Emotionalen Raum [2000-2001]

Sabine Breitsameter
From Hoerspiel to Interactive Radio Art in the Digital Networks [1998-2001]

Gundula Doerries, Qiang Gao, Joachim Köhler
Interactive Streaming Environment with MPEG-4 [2001]

A. Paiva, E. André, Y. Arafa, M. Costa, P. Figueiredo, P. Gebhard, K. Höök
Supporting AFfective Interactions in Real-time Applications [2000-2002]

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