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an internet_installation_workshop project
Internationale Frauenuniversitat IFU, Hannover

CARRY ON virtualizes the custom practice of passport patrol and suitcase inspection at border crossing. Designed for participating international students at IFU's "Technology and Culture" program, CARRY ON requests its workshop students, in the project area of migration and information, to each pack a carry on suitcase. The items contained within the suitcase are URL links to managed /manageable information of self continuity and connectivity. The packed suitcases are X-rayed by an airport HI-SCAN machine and uploaded onto the Net for inspection. The Net public serving as Net Inspector can choose to handcheck each suitcase item by item. The Inspectors at any given time are traced by their log on IP addresses. The inspection is on view LIVE on the Net. The URLs are retrieved and compiled as the Inspectors check(click) through items in the suitcases. On leaving the site, the inspectors are rewarded with a list of URL hyperlinks.

Concept: Shu Lea Cheang
System Design and Development: IMK.MARS/GMD
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