CARRY ON attempted an interface that would upload X-rayed suitcases from Hi-Scan machines to the internet. The initial plan was to "stage" suitcase packaging and inspection as public performance with students and migrant communities at EXPO 2000' s high security environment or at the airports in Hannover and Hamburg. The request to work with Heimann Systems' Hi-Scan machines was forwarded to BUNDESMINISTERIUM DES INNERN (Federal Ministry of Internal Affaires of Germany). After months of negotiation, our request was denied. Barbara Loreck, coordinator of ART CONCEPT at IFU, received a fax that stated-

In reference to your letter that stated the art project "Carry On" would have 20 pieces of suitcases X-ray scanned and loaded onto the "Net" as website and afterwards the net-users are able to "identify" the scanned pieces of the suitcase. As has already been explained in our telephone conversation, from our point of view, these images could possibly give information about how to circumvent measures taken for the protection of attacks on the security of air traffic. Provided that the use of a luggage control scanning system with regard to the project described above is necessary, I request that it is guaranteed that only objects of daily use (of which the form can be identified without any doubt) are used (for recording). Pertaining to that also, strict attention is to be paid to protecting my interests concerning security. Legal aspects as regards data protection (e.g. Injury to the privacy of the owner of the suitcase) are not checked by me and must be ensured by the artist/agency.