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Ohne Schnur

Communication art at the interface between art, technology and society


The symposium was organized by the Institute of Art History of Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU), Munich, Germany, and took place from 3 to 4 April 2004 at Cuxhaven Art Association. Sponsored by the VolkswagenStiftung.


Mobile phones, wireless Internet connections, navigation systems in cars and ships - our everyday life is inconceivable without communication technology. Real space is increasingly being overlaid in our perception by private and public information and communication space, while the media are finally becoming extensions of our body, just as the media theorist Marshall McLuhan predicted back in the 1970s.
At the symposium media theoreticians, art historians, media scholars and media artists spoke on and discussed the topic of the impact of mobile communication on our society, on our perception of space, and on our awareness of our bodies, as well as the topic of communication art and media art and their history. With the exception of the lectures of Mrs Kunst, Mr Adrian X and Mr Wilson, all the contributions were conducted in German.

The symposium was organized as part of the exhibition "Ohne Schnur - Art and Wireless Communication", which was held in Cuxhaven Art Association from 03.04 to 02.05.2004. For more information about the exhibition click [link 01] here.


[link 02] Introduction  
[link 03] 1. Historical roots of communication art   
[link 04] 2. Current trends in mobile communication and their reflection in media art  
[link 05] 3. Technology, aesthetics, ideology  
[link 06] Exhibition "Ohne Schnur - Art and Wireless Communication"  


[link 07] Robert Adrian X | [link 08] Inke Arns | [link 09] Frauke Behrendt | [link 10] Dieter Daniels | [link 11] Sabine Flach | [link 12] Joachim Hagenauer | [link 13] Hubertus Kohle | [link 14] Bojana Kunst | [link 15] Katja Kwastek | [link 16] Wolfgang Strauss | [link 17] Stephen Wilson


Hubertus Kohle

Art Historian, Institute of Art History of Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU), Munich, Germany

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[link 21] About Hubertus Kohle  

1. Historical roots of communication art

Dieter Daniels

Professor of Art History and Mediatheory, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig, Germany
"Das Wunder der Simultaneität - Antizipationen der Globalisierung am Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts"

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Inke Arns

Curator and Assistant at the Humboldt-University Berlin, Germany
"Faktur und Interface: Chlebnikov, Tesla und der himmlische Datenverkehr in Marko Peljhans makrolab"

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Following discussion with Marko Peljhan, makrolab, Ljubljana, Slowenia

Robert Adrian X

Media Artist, Vienna, Austria
"The spaces between: a short history of artists' use of telecommunications" (in English)

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[link 33] About Robert Adrian X  

2. Current trends in mobile communication and their reflection in media art

Joachim Hagenauer

Professor of Communications Engineering, Technische Universität München (TUM), Germany
"Technik des Mobilfunks - gestern, heute und morgen"

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Stephen Wilson

Professor of Conceptual/Information Arts, San Francisco State University, USA
"Artists patrolling the frontiers of research" (in English)

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Frauke Behrendt

Musicologist, University of Sussex, UK
"Handymusik. Klangkunst und 'mobile devices'"

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N. Gügel (about Stefan Schemat), K. Kempter (about Klaus vom Bruch), M. Hopp (about Teri Rueb), J. Westner (about Igor Stromajer), N. Faulstich (about cntrpcy [TM]), E. Neufeld (about Christian Terstegge), S. Karvanska (about Thomas Weyres and Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby)
Students, LMU Munich, Germany, with short descriptions about the Artists of the exhibition "Ohne Schnur"

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3. Technology, aesthetics, ideology

Wolfgang Strauss

MARS-Exploratory Media Lab, FhG-Institute for Media Communication, Sankt Augustin, Germany
"Wireless Senses - Perzeptive künstlerische Interfaces. Zur Position der Medienkunst zwischen Kunst und Technologie"

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Sabine Flach

Scientific Officer, Zentrum für Literaturforschung, Berlin, Germany
"Im Labor. Zum Verhältnis von Kunst, Medientechnologien und Naturwissenschaft in der Gegenwartskunst"

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Bojana Kunst

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Aesthetics, University of Antwerp, Netherlands, and Ljubljana, Slovenia
"Wireless relationships: attraction, emotion, politics" (in English)

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Katja Kwastek

Assistant at the Institute of Art History, LMU, Munich, Germany
"Der Betrachter ist das Werk - Überlegungen zur Ästhetik der Medienkunst"

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Final Discussion - Charge Dieter Daniels

Discussion about history of art and Communication Art

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Information about the organizers:
[link 68] Cuxhaven Art Association
[link 69] Institute of Art History, Ludwig Maximilian's University (LMU), Munich, Germany

The lectures given at the symposium were recorded by the organizers. (All lectures were recorded by Elisabeth Kähler, Cuxhaven, Germany.) To view the videos, you will need RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, which can be downloaded free of charge from [link 70] http://www.real.com or [link 71] http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsmedia/.


"Ohne Schnur - Art and Wireless Communication"

Cuxhaven Art Association, 03.04. - 02.05.2004
The German/English exhibition catalogue will be published in November 2004 at Revolver Verlag. Advance orders under: info@ohne-schnur.de


Hitherto largely unnoticed by the public, numerous artists have been studying the impact of mobile communication on our society, on our perception of space, and on our awareness of our bodies. The Institute of Art History at the LMU, Munich, and Cuxhaven Art Association, Germany, conceived an exhibition which presented exemplary works in this area, at the same time placing them in the broader context of art and media history.


[link 72] Klaus vom Bruch | [link 73] Anthony Dunne & Fiona Raby | [link 74] Gruppe cntrcpy [TM] | [link 75] Marko Peljhan | [link 76] Teri Rueb | [link 77] Stefan Schemat  | [link 78] Igor Stromajer | [link 79] Christian Terstegge | [link 80] Thomas Weyres

Opening of the exhibition "Ohne Schnur - Art and Wireless Communication"

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