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Digital Transformations

Media Art at the Interface between Art, Science, Economy and Society

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The publication ”Digital Transformations” deals with fundamental transformations of art and modern life caused by digital technologies. Theoreticians, artists and scientists express their view along with producers, sponsors and intermediators. They present digital transformations in its manifold functions and with tangible examples as a new aesthetic and innovative research. Art with information technology is about finding and creating images on the basis of communication processes and about conceptual strategies and cognitive methods. The editors Ulrike Reinhard and Monika Fleischmann would like to address not only the traditional cultural sector but to position media art at the interface between technology, economy, science and culture. Their aim is to reach those readers who are willing to appreciate and support this kind of art as an important key factor for new thinking and innovation. Media art shows new views of the world. It reveals how we understand what we see and hear. The texts, which are offered online on this platform, provide an insight into discourses and artistic practices in the German-speaking region.


[link 01] Introduction  
[link 02] 1. Media Art Experiences  
[link 03] 2. Positions in Theory  
[link 04] 3. Topics, Approaches & Models in Media Art  
[link 05] 4. Artists & Methods or Media Art as Research & Experiment  
[link 06] 5. Art & Audience  
[link 07] 6. Online Archives: Knowledge of Media Art in the Internet  
[link 08] 7. Production & Application  
[link 09] 8. Supporting Media Art  
[link 10] 9. Search Engines  


[link 11] Rosanne Altstatt | [link 12] Gabriele Blome & Jochen Denzinger | [link 13] Sabine Breitsameter | [link 14] Bazon Brock | [link 15] Dieter Daniels & Rudolf Frieling | [link 16] Alberto de Campo & Julian Rohrhuber | [link 17] Christian Dögl | [link 18] Jan & Tim Edler | [link 19] Sabine Flach | [link 20] Monika Fleischmann 1 | [link 21] Monika Fleischmann 2 | [link 22] Monika Fleischmann & Wolfgang Strauss | [link 23] Herbert W. Franke | [link 24] Ursula Frohne | [link 25] Thomas Goldstrasz | [link 26] Oliver Grau | [link 27] Hans-Jürgen Hafner | [link 28] Gabriele Hartmann | [link 29] Sabine Himmelsbach | [link 30] Susanne Jaschko | [link 31] Wilhelm Krull und Vera Szöllösi-Brenig | [link 32] Katja Kwastek | [link 33] Dominik Landwehr | [link 34] Wolf Lieser | [link 35] Sigrid Markl & Virgil Widrich | [link 36] Wilfried Matanovic | [link 37] Peter Matussek | [link 38] Laurent Mignonneau & Christa Sommerer | [link 39] Sibylle Omlin | [link 40] Sebastian Peichl | [link 41] Danièle Perrier | [link 42] Ulrike Reinhard | [link 43] Mareike Reusch | [link 44] Joachim Sauter | [link 45] Giaco Schiesser | [link 46] Holger Schulze | [link 47] Gerfried Stocker | [link 48] Reinhard Storz | [link 49] Georg Trogemann | [link 50] Eku Wand | [link 51] Peter Weibel | [link 52] Ulrich Weinberg | [link 53] Axel Wirths | [link 54] Andrea Zapp | [link 55] Christian Ziegler | [link 56] Annett Zinsmeister

Audio Text Collage

A text-to-speech-enginge, which was developed at the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab for the [link 57] Energie_Passagen project, generates an voice output of the text files. An audio file with a text collage of the articles in ”Digital Transformations” is available here:
[link 58] [RealMedia | 5.03 Min]
Read more about the making of this text collage:
[link 59] [PDF | 67,4 KB]

The printed Version of Digital Transformations

Digital Transformation was developed in cooperation between the whois publishing company and the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab of the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication in Sankt Augustin. The hardback edition offers not only much to read but also audio files. Oliver Siebeck reads out all the articles on the enclosed CD.

--Publishing Company

-- [link 60] Order the hardback edition

At the book presentation on 2 December 2004, a round table with experts took part in Berlin. Representatives from art, economy, science and politics expressed their opinion about the topic of eCulture. Photos of this event are downloadable [link 61] here - You can also take a look at the interesting [link 62] report of the discussion.

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NAME, first name: Title. Published on netzspannung.org: [link 63] http://netzspannung.org/positions/digital-transformations
02. Dezember 2004, netzspannung.org ISSN 1614-6662

First publication in: FLEISCHMANN, Monika; REINHARD, Ulrike (Hrsg.):
Digitale Transformationen. Medienkunst als Schnittstelle von Kunst, Wissenschaft, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft.
Heidelberg, 2004.

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