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netzspannung.org documents exhibitions of digital works on relevant topics in the "Media Art Research" section. Curatorial concepts are presented and video recordings give insight into the supporting programmes. In addition to the [link 01] Games show about computer games by artists, Story_Rooms (October 2005) in Manchester (Great Britain) will be documented on netzspannung.org. The exhibition [link 02] Performing Data (April - Juni 2011) is documented on eCulture Factory. If you would like to propose further exhibitions, please contact: [link 03] info@netzspannung.org.

Liste der Links in der Seite:

[link 01]http://netzspannung.org/media-art/exhibitions/games/?lang=en
[link 02]http://www.eculturefactory.de/CMS/index.php?id=792
[link 03]mailto:info@netzspannung.org