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digital sparks 2003 prize winners

Following a thorough assessment of the nominated projects and intensive discussions, the final panel of judges named the following projects as the winners of the 2003 competition:


Nora Krug
UdK Berlin
Prof. Henning Wagenbreth and Wulf Beck
An interactive Internet guide for a better understanding of Japanese culture and lifestyle.
[link 01] how-to-bow.com

Loose room

Anja Kempe

KHM Köln
Prof. Valie Export
An interactive space installation, that plays with the convergence of and differences between real and digital space.
[link 02] Loser Raum

Machines will eat itself

Franz Alken
HGB Leipzig
Prof. Alba D`Urbano
An Internet project that takes a subversive an ironic look at commercial data mining.
[link 03] machines will eat itself

A brief description of the projects awarded 2001-2003 together with the jury statements can be found in the digital sparks mini booklet (sorry, German only):
screen-version [link 04] [PDF |2 MB], print-version [link 05] [PDF | 8,4 MB].

Liste der Links in der Seite:

[link 01]http://netzspannung.org/database/83771/en
[link 02]http://netzspannung.org/database/86136/en
[link 03]http://netzspannung.org/database/90024/en
[link 04]documents/digital-sparks_Kurzdarstellung.pdf
[link 05]documents/digital-sparks_Kurzdarstellung_Printversion.pdf