Oliver Kauselmann, Thorsten Kloepfer

MOMAK-Museum of Modern Art Kabul

Online Portal for Afghan Artists living in Exile

Museum of Modern Art Kabul interface

Museum of Modern Art Kabul interface



MOMAK is an online platform for Afghan artists in exile around the world, caused by the war situation of the last 23 years. The artists can present their artworks and are portrayed by showing their personal explorable environments like studios or living rooms. The museum shows interviews with the artists, talking about their work and their opinion of the cultural future of Afghanistan.
The interface is building itself modular.
The visitor can explore 360 degree panorama environments of an artist studio while having a look at the corresponding artworks or watching video-interview material. All content is rearrangeable to build an individual interface. A tracking line indicates the visited museum stations.
The museum interface concept is a growing an living environment that build itself by every new registration of an artist and his artworks.
MOMAK is a cooperation with an Afghan curator connected with the Afghan embassy Germany to curate the exhibiting artists. Until now Afghan artists are living in different places all over the world and working with different media.
We have visited or remotely telephone interviewed.
MOMAK started as an art diploma work and like a living institution for Afghanistan it is still in development.

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Germany, 2002-2003


» http://www.momak.org/


oliver kauselmann, Apr 15, 2003