Thomas Tirel, Sven Hahne, Norman Muller, …


Bidirectional Input/Output System

BIOS scheme

BIOS scheme


This project shows a custom built apparatus, which consists of a helmet with 16 electrodes (sensors) that get attached to the spectator’s head, HMD (head mounted display), EEG device and a computer. The HMD shows images that are synthesized from the impulses, generated from spectator’s brain reaction to the images shown a moment before – thus creating a feedback loop.

The contemporary industry propagates continuous scientific advancements that rely on procedures, which often are hidden to consumers – and not only because of their complexity. It seems that this is a common custom to manifest this knowledge (often not thoroughly proven) – as hard facts. The BIOS project is a slightly ironic comment on the above-mentioned processes. It combines successive rational science with the functional (martial) aesthetics. BIOS tries to emphasise the subtle difference between the ‘serious’ scientific analysis and semantic absurdity.

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Germany, 2002

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Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln /
Academy of Media Arts (KHM), Cologne



Submission, Dec 3, 2002



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