Sara Roberts

20 to 20 Project

Mock-up of doll for ’20 to 20 project.’

Mock-up of doll for ’20 to 20 project.’

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A distributed open-ended narrative played out across a social network via soft, easily portable, communication- enabled dolls. The dolls “know” each other, wireless communications provide an open channel between them. The dolls will be given to 20 colleagues living in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, and Japan. These people will be asked to carry the dolls with them as often as practical, for one year. In the first year the project will involve the design, fabrication and distribution of these dolls, server design, and research of networked social models. In the second year (the performance year) the dolls will be in the field and the communications of the doll carriers combined with narrative material introduced through the server will combine to create a sort of improvised theater at the speed of life.

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United Kingdom, 2001

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California Institute of the Arts, us


Sara Roberts, Jun 15, 2001



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