Myron Krüger


Interactive Installation




With "Videoplace", Myron Krüger launched an interactive installation in 1975 that now exists in several versions following numerous revisions and developments.
The visitor - in front of a brightly lit wall - is filmed by a video camera and projected onto the graphics screen in real time as a "shadow". Other participants in the installation can also appear, plus graphical elements and computer-animated figures.
Using his projected image, the observer can interact with other elements on the projection screen. The responses of a computer animated figure are determined by those of the visitor. The interaction between the user and the computer-generated world is being tried out as an artistic medium and is being made aesthetically accessible.
The "Videoplace" system identifies the head and various limbs of the players, and determines how quickly they are moving. When the actions of one of these people are analysed in the context of the graphical world, the computer has to recalculate the consequences of its actions. These calculations are structured and used to control the graphic, image processing and the sound, and also to produce the feedback.

Artists / Authors


United States, 1974-1975


, Aug 4, 2004