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Digital Ecological and Artistic Heritage Exchange

DHX_Reconstructed Shilla-culture_© KIST

DHX_Reconstructed Shilla-culture_© KIST

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The DHX project aims to establish a networked virtual reality infrastructure and content development environment for museums and cybertheatres, for mutual exchange of digital cultural and natural heritage. The main goal of the participating European and Asian partners is to provide a distributed IT infrastructure for transcontinental shared immersive experience in a global scale, using high-bandwidth trans Euro-Asian networks. Human heritage will be presented to large scale networked audience for interactive exploration, edutainment and education. The project seeks to support the production process of both content and system setup to allow easy installation of digital heritage systems in museums and other public spaces.

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Germany, 2002

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DHX is a cooperation between Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, Korea Institute of Science and Technology, RMH New Media GMBH, the University of Crete, Barco n.v., University of Milano, and Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche. DHX is funded jointly by the EU (IST - 2001 - 33476) and Korea (MIC 2001-S-097 and KIST 2E17762).




, May 13, 2004



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