Mister Ministeck: Norbert Bayer

Mister Ministeck

The Series "Tetris Advanced","Live Forever" and "TouchScreens"

Pac Man, 2001

Pac Man, 2001


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Norbert Bayer’s artistic material consists of colourful plastic Ministeck bricks which – pressed onto plug-on boards – were extremely popular with old and young alike above all in the nineteen-seventies and eighties. According to the maxim "Everyone is an artist", the system disregarded the lack of artistic freedom in copying existing pictures. Mister Ministeck takes advantage of this principle: his themes are for the most part icons from the world of computers, and he translates the digital pixels into bright and cheerful Ministeck pictures. For example in the "Touchscreens" series based on screenshots from C 64 games, the pixel structure of the first home computers from the nineteen-eighties materialises in plastic bricks. By transforming the original digital pictures into the analog form of Ministeck, Bayer reduces both systems to their inherent conditions and structures.
(Silke Albrecht)

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Germany, 1999


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Mister Ministeck (Norbert Bayer) präsentierte in der Ausstellung GAMES folgende Serien:

Tetris Advanced, 2000, 4-teilige Serie, je 67 x 60 cm; Live Forever, 2003, 3-teilige Serie, je 67 x 60 cm; TouchScreens, 1999 - 2001, Serie, je 33 x 26 cm.


, Apr 13, 2004