Axel Wirths


On the Synergies of Electronic Media and Architecture



The synergies that can be achieved between electronic media and architecture, between virtual and real spaces, are being appreciated only slowly and are to be the theme of an exhibition with the programmatic title of "Mediatecture". The goal of the project is to make it possible to identify the direct link that exists between electronic media and built architecture and the fluid interfaces between real and virtual space. It is all about presenting an overview of the status quo and at the same time taking a look at visionary future media-architecture synergies. This allows the current discrepancy between theoretical discourse and working practice to be demonstrated: Although architects such as Nouvel, Ito, Sakamura, Koolhaas and the Viennese Coop Himmelb(l)au have done some groundwork and there is much talk of the use of electronic media in architecture, there have so far been only a few half-hearted projects ? and in these the application of electronic technologies was limited to the use of a web-server.

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Deutschland, 2001

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Axel Wirths, 15.06.2001



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