Brigitta Zics


Interactive Installation

Nominiert für den
Digital Sparks Award 2006

Mirror_SPACE - Reflect interactors back to themselves.

Mirror_SPACE - Reflect interactors back to themselves.



"Mirror Space" is an interactive installation by Brigitta Zics, which projects a personalised image onto a large mirror-like screen.

Position and movement data from the visitor is collected and combined with data collected simultaneously from the internet. The resultant generated image behaves like the physical presence of a real mirror-image: it changes its position, dimensions and features according to the movement of the viewer.

The reflections of individual visitors on the screens also interact with each generated ‘mirror-image’. The representation of a visitor is active and alterable as long as the visitor remains in the data-space of the installation.

When the visitor departs, the image (as her/his ‘impression’) remains and continues to move together with other representations. The ‘mirror-images’ of the previous viewers finally disappear when the images of new visitors appear on the screen.

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Deutschland, 2004-2005

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Software Credits:
©Brigitta Zics/KHM: "CApsule" - Analysis of data and face, Mirror_SPACE Visualisation, Mirror_SPACE Sound Environment
Additional Software: Tracking software ["augenblick 1.0"]: Thomas Kuleßa, Matthias Weber, Ursula Damm



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Brigitta Zics, 19.02.2006



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