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i-skin ; Body - Clothing - Architecture [link 01]

i-skin ; Body - Clothing - Architecture



The i-skin project, conceived and realised by LAB[au],laboratory for architecture and urbanism ,the fashion designer CRSTOF and Naziha Mestaoui, architect in the scope of Avignon 2000 exhibition La beauté , investigates the theme of identity by confronting it with the emergence and the social implications of modern communication and information technologies. By proposing an experience binding physical to digital through the vector of an "avatar", the installation underlines the questions relating to the perception, the representation and the extension of the individual in electronic space. The i-skin project is a construct on the migration of the human body into the electronic space of communication and computation technologies as a hybrid extension of body, clothing and architecture. The programming of these three skins into one single display includes complex identification and representation codes based on mental and cognitive rather than physical processes.The programming of behaviors and instructions into form - InFormation is based on visual communication and identification code-image;individual identification and social representation codes identity; processual thinking and programming - interactivity, coding of sign/shapes out of data structures information.

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  • Manuel Abendroth, LAB[au], laboratory for architecture and urbanism
  • Jérôme Decock, LAB[au], laboratory for architecture and urbanism
  • Naziha Mestaoui, LAB[au], laboratory for architecture and urbanism
  • Christophe Beaufays, LAB[au], laboratory for architecture and urbanism


Deutschland, 2000-2001

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La Mission 2000

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Manuel Abendroth, 15.06.2001


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