Sean Reed, Claudia Westermann

zone 01

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The sound installation “zone_01” is designed for realization in public space. In the course of progress-ing technification, public space is losing its signifi-cance as space for communication. Instead it is primar-ily used as space for movement. Public squares are experienced as interruptions within paths of travel. “zone_01” simulates communicative processes and translates them into sound. The movement oriented use of the location is transformed into a sonorous simula-tion of the communicative function of such a public square and leads to changes within the system of sound.

KünstlerInnen / AutorInnen

  • Sean Reed
  • Claudia Westermann


Deutschland, 2001

Eingabe des Beitrags

Sean Reed, 15.06.2001


  • künstlerische Arbeit



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  • sound sculpture |
  • public space |
  • interactivity
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