Sabine Breitsameter


From Hoerspiel to Interactive Radio Art in the Digital Networks

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This poster wants to sketch the current work in progress which SWR/Southwestgerman Radio’s ”Audiohyperspace” program is developing, to transform radio art of the broadcast age to interactive acoustic media art of the digital networks’ age. Audiohyperspace researches and emphasizes the importance of dramaturgical concepts as a basis for interactive acoustic media art, from which the development of the necessary technology and media architecture have to be derived from for the production: It is aiming to find convincing dramaturgies for interactive audio art, which reflect, in its creative potential as well as in its critical aspects, the new role of its artist, the shift of its recipient’s role as well as the fundamental changes in the notion of art itself. These interactive dramaturgies focus on creating an aesthetic-communicative audio experience through the combined use of radio and digital networks. Not the technological tools themselves, but the overall media architecture and its behaviour is, what forms sense and meaning.

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  • Sabine Breitsameter, radio producer/dramaturge for SWR and German public radio, acoustic media art festival curator (Academy of Arts/Berlin), university lecturer, Südwestrundfunk, Mainz?, Deutschland › Biografie [link 02]


Deutschland, 1998-2001

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Südwestrundfunk, Mainz?, Deutschland

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Sabine Breitsameter, 15.06.2001


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