Wolfgang Strauss

The netzspannung.org Knowledge Space: An Architectural Access to Data Bases

lecture given at the workshop "online-archives: perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"

Wolfgang Strauss

Wolfgang Strauss


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The meaning of the word space is: we are surrounded. Space is ambient space that opens up opportunities for action. The formal determination of space is carried out by the actions of people, i.e. clearing space. This means the creation of surroundings in such a way that they can be experienced and remembered. Occupied space is the surroundings we experience, in which we orientate and locate ourselves. Space becomes a place which will be recognized again and which provides identity.

Space, time and action form the context of memory which builds up imagination and knowledge space in the mind. With the aid of digital storage parts of memory are now being virtually outsourced and the memory’s task is to remember where to find the outsourced information. This is a difficult task, as memory has now lost its context. How, in spite of this, can digital, virtual space become knowledge space, whose structure in space provides orientation?

Concepts of experimental media spaces form a space continuum of mixed reality by combining digital and physical spaces. The performance installation ‚Murmuring Fields‘ is a Mixed Reality audio archive. Data space and action space are combined via an intuitive interface. In the interactive sound space ‚Murmuring Fields‘, the actors experience the sound of virtual space through movement. The ‚Bodytracking Interface‘ calculates the movement of the actors as control signals for their digital representation in data space. The experience of space is directly connected to the body’s own motorics. It is the result of corporal action, initiated by interaction with data space. Medial space becomes space for action, in which the awareness of the body is stimulated. The actors see sound space as an instrument that can be played with their own bodies. Experiences from the Mixed Reality rehearsal space are implemented in netzspannung.org as a spatial manifestation of networked knowledge. The ‚Semantic Map‘ displays an overview of the data base and serves as an orientation guide. Through movement the data space is explored. In an interactive, dynamic, exhibition current content appears – text, image, video, sound- and surrounds the
observer in space.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication MARS-Exploratory Media Lab




Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany


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, Apr 23, 2003