Joachim Köhler

iFinder: The MPEG-7 Compliant Multimedia Indexing and Archiving Solution

lecture given at the workshop "online-archives: perspektives on networked knowledge spaces"

Joachim Köhler

Joachim Köhler

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The ‚iFinder‘ is an advanced solution for indexing and archiving multimedia data. The ‚iFinder‘ integrates a metadata production system with an archiving and retrieval system based on open standards. The result is an end-to-end digital solution for capturing, analyzing, archiving and retrieving multimedia assets. ‚IFinder‘ is MPEG-7 compliant. It supports the new ISO/IEC MPEG-7 standard for describing multimedia data, insuring that the metadata it generates are future-proofed and can be exchanged with other systems and content providers.

The system has two main parts, the metadata production system and the archiving and retrieval system. First, the metadata production system is described. Advanced recognition and automatic segmentation technologies build the core of the ‚iFinder‘ metadata production system, reducing the time investment necessary for multimedia data annotation and making possible description of audio/video content on a detailed scale. Therefore a large vocabulary speech recognition system is used and adapted to the domain of the archiving application. Multimedia content annotated by the ‚iFinder‘ system is effectively directly searchable.

Further, some features of the open archiving and retrieval system are described. The ‚iFinder‘ database system is designed with a robust and scalable system architecture, using open, standards-based technologies (MPEG-7, XML, JAVA, HTML). The ‚iFinder‘ retrieval engine provides sophisticated search and retrieval capabilities for accessing archived video and audio assets in distributed environments. The ‚iFinder‘ couples automatic metadata generation with an open standards-based archive into an integrated multimedia management solution, that improves efficiency of access to multimedia assets, and enhances the value of multimedia content for re-purposing or re-use. The prototype system is realized for the video archive of the German Parliament. Several hours of parliamentary speeches are indexed. Short video segments can be accessed by different kinds of queries using a standard Web interface.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication MARS-Exploratory Media Lab



Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany


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, Apr 23, 2003



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