Hyowon Lee

Fischlár Digital Video: An Online TV Programme Recording, Analysis & Browsing System

lecture given at the workshop "online-archives: perspektives on networked knowledge spaces"

Browsing and playback interface of Físchlár-TV

Browsing and playback interface of Físchlár-TV


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In developing a multimedia information system that allows the users to access large amount of image/video contents, the technology-driven approach has been common in most stages of a system development, in many cases prototype systems ending up in a laboratory thus never assessed in terms of real usage.

In Centre for Digital Video Processing, Dublin City University, we have developed a testbed system called ĎFíschlárí, as part of our on-going research in digital video. ĎFíschlárí is a web-based digital video system that allows its users to record broadcast TV programmes in MPEG-1 format and browse/watch the contents once recorded. The system allows easy browsing of the recorded programmes by automatically analysing the video contents to extract a set of keyframes and presenting them in various ways to the users. The keyframe browser interfaces were derived from a browser design framework we have developed. The system has been in wide use via campus-wide LAN, operational for nearly 3 years at the time of writing with more than 1,600 registered users in computer labs and campus residences from which we have been monitoring the usage. Various video signal analysis techniques have been developed to automatically detect and identify features within video contents, which have been plugged into the running system and we monitor how this influences the usage of our campus-wide users. In this way, we can see the potential usage context when such a technology
becomes available, while testing those technology by simply plugging into the running system.

The systemís architecture is XML based with XSLT rendering web-based interface, MPEG-7 video content description used for internal data operation. The systemís user interface keeps on refined based on our usage monitoring and this reflects our observation and understanding of how our video analysis techniques can be used by users in beneficial way.

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, Apr 10, 2003