Monika Fleischmann - An Internet Platform as Online Archive and Networked Knowledge Space for Digital Culture

lecture given at the workshop "online-archives - perspectives on networked knowledge spaces"

Monika Fleischmann

Monika Fleischmann

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In the past two and a half years the Internet platform has been developed at the MARS-Exploratory Media Lab and positioned as a knowledge portal for digital art, design and technology. The aim of is to make visible competencies and developments in the various artistic and technical disciplines of digital culture, as well as to bundle and promote them and to process the content to make it available on the Internet for education, research and further education purposes.

The need for this kind of platform which is directed at curators and theoreticians as well as media artists, developers and those doing practical work is based on several facts: until now, information on the theme of digital culture has not been available in the Internet in any organized way. Search machine hits are unsatisfactory as the work on a key word basis and consider neither the context of the content nor the quality. In addition, the knowledge stored in data bases is seldom found by search machines. Therefore was created tp develop medial strategies for processing, archiving, visualizing and contextualizing relevant content frm media culture, thus making it accessible. But how can an archive be created that is not based on already existing material? For this puropse provides an open channel as well as modules which are editorially mentored: with the 'netzkollektor' and the 'experts data base', artists, designers and researchers have the possibility to present their current projects on a common platform. New contributions to are automatically set in relation to all other existing contributions via indexing and key word links. Knowledge discovery tools such as the 'semantic map' as specially developed graphic interfaces allow intuitive and semantic discovery of the knowledge portal above and beyond traditional forms of presentation.

To offer current content from the areas of media art, media design and communication technology, the conferences ‘Memoria Futura’ and ‘cast01-Living in Mixed Realities’ as well as the competition to promote young talent ‘digital sparks01/02’ were conceptualised and carried out as formats. In cooperation with various partners, selected series of lectures at universities, called ‘Tele-lectures’, are transmitted and archived. The ‘Mobile Unit’ as a transportable streaming platform serves as an input and output instrument in this process. Due to the special connection between editorial and participatory elements, is a continuously growing knowledge portal representing a hub for research, communication and service for digital cultures.

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Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication MARS-Exploratory Media Lab



Schloss Birlinghoven, Sankt Augustin, Germany


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, Apr 9, 2003