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eCulture Trends 06

Developing the future – creating employment

Event poster, detail

Event poster, detail

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By "eCulture" one understands the application of information and communication technology for entertainment, culture, education and leisure. Digital media are the result and basis of artistic, scientific and economic developments in our time. "eCulture Trends 06" represents the current debates within electronic culture, and the newly developing activity and knowledge-culture, as well as the possibilities for business activities in the creative sector. Linking the digital, often new methods, with the already existing older forms, demands a particular way of thinking. Electronic products and processes introduce new cultural technologies, which must be learnt.

The Symposium of the "eCulture Trends 06" introduces new worlds of learning and possibilities for knowledge creation. Experts discuss innovative products and processes for everyday electronic life. In the "Innovation Zone", the Bremen business community and the Bremen “eCulture” Network present current product and service-provision innovations.

Prominent guests from business, science and culture discuss whether "eCulture" can become a driving force for innovation and employment, and how the future can so be shaped.

Studies, which have been carried out in the Netherlands and Austria in previous years, predict that the digital creative business sector has considerable market potential. The conference exists to develop a perspective for products and processes in the field of media innovation, in order to profile Bremen as a location for "eCulture".

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"eCulture Trends 06" was organized by Fraunhofer IAIS and produced by the Fraunhofer "eCulture Factory" in Bremen.




Bremen, Haus der Bürgerschaft, Germany

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Senator für Wirtschaft und Häfen der Freien Hansestadt Bremen, Fraunhofer-Institut IAIS, Fraunhofer IuK Gruppe, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung.

"eCulture Factory" is supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund.


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, Nov 15, 2006


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