Jasminko Novak, Christoph Seibert, Stefan Paal

Dynamic Adaptor for Online Archives

Dynamic adaptor for user-oriented semantic integration of on-line archives

Struktur des dynamischen Archiv-Adapters

Struktur des dynamischen Archiv-Adapters



The aim behind the development of the dynamic archive adapter is to semantically link existing online archives to a joint knowledge space. The new Semantic Web technologies with XML as a standard format form the basis of the technical data exchange between different data sources. The bringing together (mapping) of data from different archives entails analysing the significance of existing data structures. This task is dependent on the context in which it is used and cannot be satisfactorily fulfilled using existing methods. The dynamic archive adapter solves this problem by allowing the user to adapt the semantic analysis of the data structures to his needs and to the particular context where it is being used. A web-based interface enables the user to define for himself the mapping for linking the different archives. The next stage in the development will make it possible to automatically bring together different data sources from the Internet and represent them in joint interfaces. One of these application is the netzspannung.org Knowledge Map System for exploring semantic relationships in distributed data collections and collaborative knowledge spaces.



Deutschland, 2001-2002

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Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

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