Shu Lea Cheang

Carry on

An internet project on the theme surveillance

Did you pack the package yourself?

Did you pack the package yourself?


In this Internet project, Shu Lea Cheang transfers electronic baggage inspections at the airport to a virtual baggage inspection on the Internet. Carry on allows the Internet user - the inspector - to look inside the passangers' luggage and thus inspect the private sphere of unknown suitcase owners. But in doing so the user-inspector is not unobserved, since Carry on goes further than isolated access to information in Internet. Carry on is a place in which several users can simultaneously follow the inspector's actions. The area between the private and the public domain touched upon by the inspection is therefore realised as an experience space for the Internet visitor.

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Germany, 2000

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Carry on has been realized through the International Women’s University Hanover (IFU) during the Expo 2000 in Hanover. The technical implementation has been carried out in cooperation with the MARS Exploratory Media Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication, headed by Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss, as well as with the research group of the department of electrical engineering and computer science headed by Reiner Kammüller und Bernd Freisleben.




, Dec 14, 2004