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Symposium "Present Continuous Past(s)"

Dennis del Favero

Dennis del Favero

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T_Visionarium; the aesthetic transcription of televisual databases (Videoconference)

This paper introduces the concept of aesthetic transcription as a model for the production of interactive narrative within digital media. Aesthetic transcription refers to the capture and reconstruction of multimodal forms of information within digital environments. By means of the experimental project T_Visionarium, whose first prototype was presented at Lille Cultural Capital; Europe, 2004, viewers are enabled to search and recombine global televisual data. The value of the project is set against the fact that while narrative is central to conventional cinema, emphasis upon simulation has caused, firstly, the narrative potential of digital media to be overlooked, and secondly, the aesthetic potential of televisual database transactions to be ignored. This paper addresses the concern that it is limitations in narrative, as opposed to technical understanding, which have restricted the aesthetic development of a digital and dialogic cinema. Through its focus on viewer generated recomposition of time within virtual environments, T_Visionarium builds on existing research into the multi-spatial character of interactive narrative in digital cinema. In particular it seeks evidence of the multi-temporal agency of interactive narrative as it is currently advanced within revisionist cinematic and philosophical theory. It frames televisual databases not in archaeological terms, such as access and retrieval, but in terms of transpositional potentiality, as digital ecologies able to be ascribed unprecedented aesthetic and social significance.

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, Sep 21, 2004