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International Competition for Interactive Media Environments

screenshot of the Cyberstar website

screenshot of the Cyberstar website


In 1995 and 1998, the WDR Cologne and the GMD - Forschungszentrum Informationstechnik (now Fraunhofer Institute for Media Communication), Sankt Augustin, presented the Cyberstar. This international competition honoured innovative concepts for audiovisual interactive media. Cyberstar represents a contribution to media culture in view of progressing technological changes. Whereas the discussion about interactive media techniques mainly focused on economic aspects, WDR and GMD supported cooperation between artists, designers, media specialists and computer experts.
In 1995 the jury, consiting of VALIE EXPORT, Jill Scott, Peter Krieg, Derrick DeKerckhove and John Thackara, awarded out of the 88 international submissions in form of video exposes, the film and media students Henry Schmidt and Benjamin Seide. Their submission “Paramatrix” is based on the idea of linking viewers and visitors through their individual media setting. In this way they wanted to introduce the technology of the virtual studio in a diverting way. The award included the amount of 14.000 DM as well as a three-month-production-residency at the GMD Sankt Augustin. Furthermore, three of the submissions were awarded with 7.000 DM: Dan Northrup with "Neighbourhood Works", Lynn Hershman Leeson with "The Venus Home Page" and "The Trace, Remote Insinuated Presence" by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Will Bauer. The French artists Catherine Ikam and Louis Fleri received praising words.
In 1998 92 entries had been submitted as contribution. With 41 entries, the category ‘stage’ dominated the competition (internet: 26, tv: 13, several: 12). The jury members confirmed this tendency and awarded all three prizes to stage proposals, which involve the users spatially. The first price, 20.000 DM and a working term at GMD to develop his project , went to Simon Penny for "Traces". Penny explores the aesthetics of physical presence in telecommunication processes. "Traces" is concerned with the development of "intuitive interfaces" which involve the whole body and its language. The second prize went to Atau Tanaka/Kasper Toeplitz for "Global String" (DM 10.000). Kaeko Murata was awarded a third price and DM 5.000 for "Elemental Café".

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