Jasminko Novak, Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss

i2TV Interaktive Konferenz

Interaktive Konferenz, 2001

i2TV Interaktive Konferenz

i2TV Interaktive Konferenz


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The i2tv (interactive Internet-TV)system enables the realisation of live media productions and networked scenarios integrating Internet participants with participants on site. The challenge is to create a situation in which both on-line and on-site participants feel present and involved, while retaining the special properties of each modality of presence. To achieve this, the i2tv system combines technologies for Internetbased multi-user interaction and awareness with broadcast technologies such as Internet streaming and Virtual Studio, as well as with technologies for Mixed Reality in shared physical space. This enables scenarios in which the audience, both local and on the Internet, can actively shape the connected event, using text,image, live audio or video. Application models for i2tv include the extension of the conference format into a Mixed Reality situation and the re-conception of Ernst Jandlís »Ottoís Mops« sound poem as a distributed poetry play and Mixed Reality television game. The participants take part in a networked real-time performance for a live studio production, from a home PC, an Internet cafe or as digital nomads with cell phones and palm tops. I2tv combines the passive broadcast model with participatory models of networked environments and different interface devices. The systemís multilayered architecture integrates technology for shared spaces with audio-video streaming, virtual environments and digital television.

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Germany, 1999-2001


, Jun 2, 2004



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