Monika Fleischmann


Prototype: Wearable Mobile Communication Device Theremin based Autonomous System



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MARS bags are prototypes for wearable mobile interaction and communication. Carried like a handbag, the MARS bag transforms the movement of the carriers’ and the surrounding people’s body into sound. Once it is touched it will be personalized by a bio-sign, e.g. pulse frequency. The MARS bag initiates a non-standardized communication by signifying encounters acoustically but it does not substitute communicational practice. Rather, it is meant to initiate and comment communication between passersby. Used inside the MARS bag, the Electronic Field Sensor is rather an acoustic comment on public encounters than a channel
for mediated communication. It accompanies the encounters and communication among the public at spot. This research field locates the MARS bag in the context of mobile communication technologies and communication design. As a mobile interaction system, whose function is coordinated with the needs of an individual or a group, the MARS bag offers a way to develop marketable products and opens the door to a new intuitive approach to playful communication processes in the everyday life. The first MARS bag application on emergent communication took place during a performance amongst the visitors in a theatre foyer (Cyberstar 98 awards, Cologne).

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Germany, 1998


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