Kaeko  Murata , Eiji  Yamauchi

Fisherman's Cafe

Interactive environment: Communication processes in real and virtual space

fisherman´s café

fisherman´s café



In "Fisherman's Café", Kaeko Murata and Eiji Yamauchi develop an environment in which the interactive image is integrated into the process of direct communication between people. The installation consists of a coffee table where the visitors sit and drink coffee. A digital image of the surface of a slowly moving body of water is projected onto the top of the table. A video tracking process generates virtual waves and other water movements in the relevant place, every time a cup is put down. A virtual fish is also generated which swims to the cup of the other participant. When the cup is lifted, both the projected fishes and the water surface disappear.
These virtual happenings on the surface of the water are intended to symbolise the exchange that forms part of the communication process. This makes it an instrument that can be used for artistic interpretation of social processes.

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Germany, 1998


, Sep 21, 2001