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Telematics Timeline

Open source interactive timeline for media art and technology.

Telematics Timeline_screenshot_entry: N Schöffer 1978

Telematics Timeline_screenshot_entry: N Schöffer 1978


The telematics timeline is a curatorial online project and a part of the exhibition „Telematic Connections: The Virtual Embrace“ (San Francisco Art Institute, 2001, curated by Steve Dietz). It chronicles the history of technology's impact on the arts and on popular culture and is intended as an open source context for the works in the exhibition. Dietz: „The Internet - specifically the World Wide Web - has become such a successful "meme" in our society, that there is almost a cultural amnesia about telecommunications-based art that pre-dates the Web.“ The telematics timeline attempts to capture some of the early highlights of media art as well as a longer history of enabling technological innovation. „Most importantly, it is open source. Anyone can upload new information or interpretations into the timeline via the Internet.“

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United States, 2001

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The exhibition was produced by Independent Curators International. The Walker Art Center was a partner. The show travelled to San Francisco Art Institute, Alyce de Roulet Williamson Gallery, Austin Museum of Art, The Atlanta College of Art Gallery, and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art.


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