Wolfgang Strauss, Monika Fleischmann


A gesture-based, digital enquiry kiosk, 2003




Media Files


The Info-Jukebox is a digital enquiry kiosk aimed at browsing multimedia files. It shows a selection of video clips on the individual MARS projects and its artists-in-residence productions. The challenge »Make Your Choice« featured in the name prompts users to become interactive by controlling and selecting a video by simply pointing at it. This interface brings the interaction process into the realm of consciousness, and does away with limiting »interactivity« to the click of a mouse. The gesture-based interface is a state-of-the-art development by the MARS Exploratory Media Lab, which is based on the principle of electric field sensing (EFS). The Info-Jukebox is operated by the touchless PointScreen interface (patent pending). This promising new technology allows the user to control screens of any size from the distance by pointing at them with simple and intuitive hand gestures.
The name »Info-Jukebox« plays on the traditional Wurlitzer music box, one of the first interactive automatic entertainers. The cubic form of the installation harks back to Mario Belliniís particular TV set of 1969, the Brionvega Black ST 201.
The Info-Jukebox is a prototype of an interactive ambient environment connected to the World Wide Web.

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Germany, 2002-2004


, May 10, 2004



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