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„Traces“ explores physical presence in virtual space. In this CAVE installation the user acts with his body like a three-dimensional paintbrush in the digital environment. The body movements leave 3-dimensional traces behind, which gradually become autonomous and with which one can physically interact. In most Virtual Reality (VR) systems, the body of the user is ignored. For example, wearing a head-mounted display, looking down one’s own body is gone and only a flying hand is seen. The goal of „Traces“ is to make it possible to have an experience of VR, in which the body plays a central role. There is no spatial illusion through central perspective in this installation – the movements of the body, which are represented though visible traces in the digital space, create the virtual space. Users run, jump and dance, since „Traces“ draws the attention to the body and its perception in real and virtual space.

With the „Traces“ concept, Simon Penny won the Cyberstar Award in 1998, which allowed him to develop the „Traces“ system. „Traces“ had its premier at the Prix Ars Electronica exhibition in 1999.

The originally planed concept of creating a networked CAVE installation, so that users in different physical locations can interact with each other through their mediated traces, hasn’t been realised yet.

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Germany, 1998-2000


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