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Conference "Migrating Images"

Peter C. Seel

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The never-ending stream of images engulfing us - from everyday culture, film, and the graphic arts - have shattered the boundaries marking our former visual worlds globally. Even in the "age of visuality" and despite the immediacy images have for the viewer, they are neither equally accessible across different cultures, nor similarly read, and need to be translated.

The conference examines the conditions under which these images are produced and decoded. What do the images tell us about these conditions? To what extent do the images demand translation from the viewer, to what extent are the translations already integrated in the images, making them intelligible in other cultures as well?

Taking various media and genres as an impetus, "Migrating Images" offers insights into the debate on the role of the cultural surround and in how images are perceived and read, and asks what can be expected from new interdisciplinary approaches (e.g., Bildwissenschaft, visual culture) in understanding non-European cultural artefacts. The discussion seeks to answer to what extent a global visual language has already become established.

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The House of World Cultures



The House of World Cultures, John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10, 10557 Berlin, Germany




, Jan 26, 2004



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