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Global Game Utopia

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Global Game Utopia

Global Game Utopia


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Computer games have increasing importance for both, the behaviour of playing children and teenagers as well as the development and analysis of social, political and military behavioral science models. Exemplary for this influence are games like SimCity, which changed urban development, or US Army's new recruiting game, designed to demonstrate teenagers the real conditions of soldiership and close combat. Do these games pretend to show how our functional and ethical behaviour may look like in the future? And will the weltanschauung - implemented in these games - have impact on our future reality? In this conference sociologists, media scientists and artists present global utopia as it is contained in computer games and discuss its relation to reality.

Jackie Stevens&Natalie Bookchin who are working on a game scenario called "Incorporations" in which territorial states would be replaced by globally active corporations whose "citizens" are no longer restricted by national borders.

James Der Derian, whose book "Virtuous War" offers a thorough analysis of the US-American Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network.

Birgit Richard&Jutta Zaremba, whose research on models and modes of feminitity in computer games brings up the issue how virtual female characters are modifiable and translatable into real women.

Ben Wibberley, whose company Babelmedia is active in the regionalisation and the translation of computer games for specific countries and cultures.

Claus Pias, who is advocating an acknowledgement of computer gaming as a valuable cultural practice.

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