Martin Schneider

GENIUS Bodybuilder

Ein Tool für die avaLUTION von EVOtars

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Inhaltliche Beschreibung

"GENIUS Bodybuilder" is a tool for the evolutionary design of arbitrary closed surface objects in 3d space. Its main field of application is the creation of avatars and virtual characters. Genius supports both userguided interactive evolution and automatic evolution using physical and optical sensor modules. The current implementation "Genius Sculptor" is used to create individual avatars out of prototypes by shape blending and free form deformation. The next step "Genius Creator" will be concerned with the creation of arbitrary forms using embryology, L-Systems and Cellular Automata.


Hochschule / Fachbereich

Technische Universität-Ilmenau
Institut für Medientechnik

Betreuer des Projekts

Prof. Dr.Karl-Heinz Brandenburg
Institut für Medientechnik

Kommentar des Betreuers

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  • › The meshdata for the face was developed by Alias|Wavefront for the promotion of their Computer Animation Software Maya. They should be asked before publishing the face images, but this will be no problem, since GENIUS is the best promotion they can get. [52 KB ] [link 04]
  • › This is the front page of our GENIUS Bodybuilder Interface, featuring our little Mascot Arnold Einstein. [24 KB ] [link 05]
  • › Here you can see the GENIUS Sculptor Interface in action. See our webpage for more screenshots... [37 KB ] [link 06]
  • › This is a technical paper on GENIUS. [Microsoft® Word | 908 KB ] [link 07]