Sylvia Eckermann

Digital artist, Austria


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Sylvia Eckermann is a digital artist and works on media projects with Mathias Fuchs. Her interactive installations and media related artworks are exhibited in various countries. Besides she taught Gamedesign at Sibelius Academy Helsinki, Finland from 2001 to 2002. The main concern of the duo fuchs-eckermann is the construction of poly-sensory spaces and situations. Sound, text and image are understood as components of a multi-dimensional sense-scape.



Works / Projects

Projects (in progress): FemCity,
a multiuser computer game about careers, lifestyle, dreams and realities of young women.
"FemCity" is a simulation of a complex social and economic environment, which young
women find themselves in, when designing their future.
"FemCity" is developped in collaboration with Edeltraut Hanappi-Egger and Gerhard Hanappi
and commissioned by the Bureau of Womens Affairs, Vienna/ A
presentation: December 2003, Vienna/ A.

Exhibitions / Presentations

03 fluID - arena of identities, game level, Selfware.politics of identities, Graz2003/ A
02 EXPOSITUR - Virtual Knowledge Space, game level, KIASMA Helsinki/ FI
01 EXPOSITUR - Virtual Knowledge Space, game level, Vienna/ A
(Unternehmen Capricorn, Christoph Steinbrener)
00 LEVELBOSS ON HOLIDAY synchronized mpeg2-clips, Bregenz/ A (curated by Unit-f)
PLAN-IT! interactive multisensory environment, Millennium Dome London/ GB
(collaboration with Herbert Lachmayer, Art+Tek Institute Linz)
99 Scholarship London/ GB
HOTEL SYNTHIFORNIA game level, Public Netbase Vienna/ A
(SYNWORLD curated by Konrad Becker)
98 TRAVELOGUE webnight, Toronto/ CA
SOUNDCALENDAR collaborative international webproject
PATCHWORK - PATCHLIFE mixed-means installation, Landesmuseum Linz/ A
Work & Culture (collaboration with Herbert Lachmayer)
<VSPACE="4"> audio-visual installation for an elevator,
O.K Center of Contemporary Art Linz/ A
(Archiv X, curated by Elke Krasny and Elisabeth Madlener)
97 SELFCONTAINED phone terror project, Public Netbase Vienna/ A
REMOTE VIEWING contribution to a networkproject,
ars electronica, Linz/ A (Konrad Becker)
BAD ROOM radiophonic composition (To Hear is to See, curated by Gue Schmidt)
96 JAPAN DIARY sounds and images of a journey to Japan, webproject;
Scholarship Fujino/ JP
BAD ROOM audiospace installation, Muu Media Base, Helsinki/ FI
(curated by Tuike and Simo Alitalo)
95 ALIENS audio-visual webpages, Diagonale, Salzburg/ A
(curated by Konrad Becker)
JUMPING video and sound installation, Sainsbury Centre for the Visual Arts Norwich/ GB
(EAST selectors: Marian Goodman, Giuseppe Penone)
94 MOON RIVER underwater installation, Titanik Gallery,
Turku/ FI (ELSEWHERE, curated by Tuike and Simo Alitalo)
LINK III para-realistic staircase, Ateneum Museum of Art, Helsinki/ FI (ISEA '94)
93 REWIND interactive computer installation, Mediagalleria,
Turku/ FI (SAFE, curated by Tuike and Simo Alitalo)
LINK II para-realistic staircase, Kunsthalle Vienna/ AT
LINK I para-realistic staircase, Museum of Modern Arts Bolzano/ IT
(SOUND, curated by Marisa Vescovo)
92 WIEN 1991 sound and sight installation, Centre of Arts Cairo/ ET
ENTRÉE/ SORTIE sound and sight installation, Instituto des Bellas Artes Mexico City/ MEX
91 ENTRÉE/ SORTIE shared authorship composition, Galerie Theuretzbacher, ORF Vienna/ A
WIEN 1991 multi-media pavilion, daily life objects in Vienna
Museum of the History of Vienna/ A