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Superbertram Closeup

Superbertram Closeup


Inhaltliche Beschreibung

Superbertams main feature consists in delivering live pictures from his close surrounding to the World Wide Web. For doing so, he is equipped with two moveable cameras, which are able to capture visual information at the size of 640 x 480 pixels with a frame rate up to 15 fps, depending on the actual connection speed. Their framing can be controlled by everyone through the easy-to-use web interface by simply clicking into the picture, their range of movement is 90 degrees horizontally and 50 degrees vertically each, which can create a quiet impressive panorama view.

While streaming without intermission, Superbertram preservers the seen at the popular online photo community "", his left eye does this in a predefined intervall, while the right eye is triggered by motion detection, posting whenever something funny or interesting happens.

These pictures are organised in set and collections, which you can access at the right side of the page.

Links to his aprox. 26.000 glimpses at