Florian Thalhofer, Mahmoud  Hamdy


Eine nonlineare Dokumentation von Florian Thalhofer and Mahmoud Hamdy

Maher, one of the seven sons of Shike Suellim.

Maher, one of the seven sons of Shike Suellim.

Technische Beschreibung

[7sons] is a Media Installation

[7sons] was originally designed as an interactive video-installation for two screens. It was shown the first time in Cairo in October, 2003.

[7sons] is a CD-ROM

There is a CD-ROM version of [7sons] available. It runs on PC and Mac.
To get a copy of the [7sons]-CD-Rom please send an E-mail.

[7sons] is an Internet-project

You can also see [7sons] on the Internet. If you have a fast Internet-connection go to www.7sons.com to see this streaming video project.

Hardware / Software

[7sons] was made with the [korsakow-system]. An easy to use software that is being developed by Florian Thalhofer and Prof Willem Velthoven in cooperation with the University of the Arts, Berlin.

Technical requirements

For the installation:
2 Apple Macintosh G4 Computer, OSX, 30GB HD
2 video-beams

For the web-version:
Shockwave, Quicktime, fast internet-connection

For the CD-ROM version:
PC or Mac, Quicktime