Jaanis Garancs

MultiCultureMolecular Humans

Society as a MultiCultureMolecular Virus epidemy

Nominiert für den
Digital Sparks Award 2002

Technische Beschreibung

Stereoscopic projection is combined with visual effects of objects leaving traces in objects movements and metamorphose stages. Video camera signal with night-view,
enhanced by infrared light is analysed by motion tracking software. Movements of visitors are applied to abstracted figures of humans. Other movements are generated by
morphed coordinates of previously captured motion data of real people.

The database facilitates scene changes and content changes. Various areas in the scene space trigger different parameters for animation, visual and sound effects (like intensity, density, level of details, etc.)

Hardware / Software

PCs with nVidia graphic chip, 4(6) channel sound cards.
CRT (RGB) projector(s)
stereo shutter glasses
video camera(s)
custom built electrostatic field (aka "Theremin") interfaces
MIDI in/out/mix interfaces
SpaceMouse (i.e. 3-axis or 2 x 2-axis joysticks)

blaxxun Contact VRML client with custom (C++) extensions: MIDI client, SpaceMouse interface, TCP server/client plugin, SQL(ODBC) client.
EyesWeb video tracking/motion analysis software.
Java applets for various specific algorithms.