Christian  Engler

sonic maze

Responsive Audio Environment

Nominee of the digital sparks award 2006

Content Description

"sonic maze" is a single user installation combining motion sensing, real-time algorithmic composition with binaural processing.

The user can move freely within a given space and interact with algorithmic models. Each model reacts in a certain way to the userís position and speed, establishing a basic dialogue between system and human. Only one model will be active at a time and be placed as a virtual sound source. The user is able to walk around the source and experience the response of his movement as sound and structural change of the composition. Once the user takes the same position as the sound source, a new algorithmic model appears somewhere in the space and the previous one will vanish. Therefore the installation has no beginning and no end; the user can enter the space at any point and leave at will.

Developed at Middlesex University London 2004 - Sonic Arts MA Programme and presented september 2004 at Trent Park London,may 2003 atC, july/august 2003 at the Garage Festival Stralsund Germany