Martin Grothmaak

Dipl.-Designer, United States





Dipl.-Designer, University lecturer at University of California, Santa Barbara USA, Merz Akademie, Stuttgart. Co-Founder of the "Projekttriangle".


Projekttriangle is a multi-disciplinary collective of designers in the fields of information design, information visualization and information architecture, founded in 1998 by Danijela Djokic, Martin Grothmaak and Jürgen Späth. Projects are carried out in interactive media, interface design, corporate design, print applications, exhibitions and interiors. Work done in the projects is a crossover between media/art, design, architecture and technology, in areas such as research, art, culture and industry. They develop new forms of analogue and digital media for cultural expression, communication and documentation and their interaction in society. The challenge is to extend the meaning of design regarding the development of new working fields.

Works / Projects

Projekttrinagle works for several Fraunhofer Institutes, the Centre Pompidou in Paris,Walter Knoll, MAT Media Arts & Technology Graduate Program, University of California, USA, RWE AG Essen, in international research and art and industry projects.


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