Dr. Kurt E. Fendt

Forschungs- und Lehrbeauftragter im Comparative Media Studies (CSM)-Programm, United States



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Dr. Kurt E. Fendt is Research Associate in the Comparative Media Studies Program (CMS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is one of the Research Directors in CMS and Director of the HyperStudio, a development laboratory for educational media projects in the humanities at MIT. He is also co-Principal Investigator and Manager of the MetaMedia project.

Fendt is co-Director of Berliner sehen, a Hypermedia Learning Environment for German Studies and the on-line collaboration space for educators using Berliner sehen, Berliner sehen Exchange. He teaches courses on non-linear literature, narrative structures, and interactive design in the CMS Graduate Program and in the Literature Department. Fendt has been involved in the conceptualization and development of interactive media projects for Humanities education at MIT and elsewhere for almost two decades.



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