Niels Rump

Computer scientist, Deutschland





The computer scientist Niels Rump brings over five years of experience in DRM-related industries. In the 1990s, Niels began working on developing tools to manage and protect content related intellectual property rights. He is one of the main developers of Fraunhofer IIS' Multimedia Protection Protocol (MMP) and his name is assigned to several patents related to this work. Since 1997, he has been chairman of various task groups on Intellectual Property Management & Protection (IPMP) of MPEG.

Niels was also secretary of the Audio Engineering Society's standards committee on Internet Music Delivery Systems and chairman of the Functional Requirements Working Group of the Secure Digital Music Initiative (SDMI). More recently, Niels worked for InterTrust Technologies as Manager, Standards & Multimedia, before joining Rightscom Limited in June 2001.