HC Gilje

Media Artist, Germany



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HC Gilje, norwegian, *1969;
lives and works in Berlin.



HC Gilje is a Norwegian digital media artist working with video in awide variety of ways: installations,short films, video integrated in dance and theatre performances, and live video improvisation. He got international attention through his pioneeringVideoNervous project and the acclaimed video h.k.mark1.This lead to a one-year residency at Künstlerhaus Bethanien in Berlin where he produced the video installation Shadow Grounds, fall 2001. Recent works include the installation Storm produced for beeoff in january 2003, and the randomstudio sesssions. Gilje is one of the members of the video improvisation trio 242.pilots (also including Kurt Ralske and Lukasz Lysakowski)

Works / Projects

selected activity:
künstlerhaus bethanien residency/exhibition 2001;
performance FCMM/Montreal 2001;
performance ISEA2002/Nagoya 2002;
Corviale installation/Rome 2002;
DVD release on Carpark with 242.pilots 2002;
clip award back_up/Weimar 2002;
Beeoff streaming project/Stockholm 2003;
Transmediale Image Award 2003/Berlin;
Pixelache/Helsinki 2003;
performance Mutek/Montreal 2003;
screening sonar/Barcelona 2003;
video exhibition Kulturhuset/Stockholm 2003;
FLASHART biennale/Prague 2003;

timebandit / crossings (2002);
realtime manipulated video;
sound: jazzkammer;


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