Jasminko Novak

Informatik-Wissenschaftler und Wissensarchitekt, Germany



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Jasminko Novak is a computer scientist and knowledge architect. His work includes research in knowledge management and knowledge spaces, interactive environments, virtual communities, HCI and mixed reality.


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He graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb where he also received his Master's of Science on "Development of Paradigms and Models for Interactive Environments". Before joining MARS he was a DAAD Research Fellow in interactive art at GMD (1997-98) and research assistant in Computer Science at the University of Zagreb (1996-99). Since recently, he is also Guest Lecturer in New Media Production at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. At the MARS Exploratory Media Lab he has been leading the conceptual and technical development of the internet platform and knowledge management tools in netzspannung.org. He currently leads the AWAKE project consortium that is developing new models of collaborative discovery, sharing and management of knowledge in knowledge-intensive organisations.


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