Bojana Kunst

Wireless relationships

Vortrag im Rahmen des Symposiums "Ohne Schnur"

Bojana Kunst

Bojana Kunst



Wireless relationships: attraction, emotion, politics

Bojana Kunst discusses one interesting aspect of the contemporary connection which with the wireless relationship seams to receive its phantasmatic realization. Her lecture starts with one old but very symptomatic image of the wireless connection - Leibniz's image of the universal orchestra - and try to reflect on it in the contemporary perspective of globalised world. Leibniz's orchestra image can be viewed as a metaphor for our contemporary obsessions, political procedures of "world regulation", globalisation mechanisms, popular stereotypes of multiculturalism - for all these meticulously devised procedures that weave the palimpsest networks of our contemporary life. But what is interesting when considering this image is not just its similarity to the contemporary global procedures - not only its aesthetic surface, but the contemporary possibilities of different emotional intervention and politics.
The networks of our contemporarity are indeed characterized by ceaselessly recombining various aspects of man's being and connecting. Today, human as well as non-human identities are served together on the tables of palimpsest and multilayered contemporary cuisine. However, the omnipresent tendency toward being connected is a source of great tension in contemporary life. All in all, aren't we connected only up to a point that can not be transgressed? No danger, but endless play; spicy, but not intolerably so; position, but no opposition; flesh, but no body; freedom, but no constitutional rights; perversity, but fear of intimacy? Or differently, according to Slavoj Žižek, doesn't our Other, remain strictly "reduced Other", even more - doesn't are 'real Other' always escaped in this kind of connection?

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Institut für Kunstgeschichte der LMU München



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, 27.07.2004